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Meet the Coaches

Meet the Coaches
Baseball & Softball


Photo of Head Coach Jason Schreiber

Photo of Mike Partida

Jason Schreiber
Instructor, Sports and Human Performance
Head Baseball Coach 
Building F, Room 102
Office: 281-756-3699
 Mike Partida
Assistant Coach & Pitching Coach

No photo of Zach Ellis

No photo of Zach Ellis

 Zach Ellis
Assistant Coaching/Recruiting
Mason Lucas
Volunteer Assistant

No photo of Zach Ellis


 Ryan Farney
Volunteer Assistant

SOFTBALL Offical NJCAA Softball Logo

No photo of Rudi Cantu

No photo of Camilla Carrera

 Rudi Cantu
Head Softball Coach
Office: 281-756-3696
 Camilla Carrera
Assistant Softball Coach
Office: 281-756-3693