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Command Spanish E-Training

What are Command Spanish® e-Training programs?
Web-based Spanish language training courses that are non-grammar based, and its content is highly focused and job-specific. The student can take these courses whenever and wherever they want, at his or her convenience and pace. These programs were designed to be efficient and effective, with an emphasis on learning Spanish for real-world activities, such as in the workplace.

The following Command Spanish® e-Training courses are available online NOW:

All online courses carry continuing education credit, click on the course for specific information.

 Click here to find out more information and then register for any of the courses listed above!

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With Command Spanish® e-Training Programs, you can:

  • promote better communication in the work environment;
  • increase safety in the workplace;
  • enhance workers’ job performance;
  • decrease or remove communication barriers;
  • receive cost-effective instruction without leaving your house; and
  • provide better service to persons in the Hispanic community.

Command Spanish® online courses are designed to be efficient, reliable, and effective. These are one-of-a-kind programs. For many, the convenience and benefits of e-Training are too good to pass up.


For more information about this program, contact the ACC CE Department at 281.756.3787 or e-mail:


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