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Email is the official form of communication. If you are not receiving emails,
contact your Dual Credit Advisor to verify or update your email address today!!!
Updates can also be made through WebACCess.


Special Announcements: 

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September 2014 Dual Credit E-Newsletter.
October 2014 Dual Credit E-Newsletter.

 Have a safe and enjoyable break! Return refreshed and ready to pass those final exams!

 * Learn more about transferring credits, financial aid and more! Click here: "Life after Dual Credit: Making it Count". Find more tips by clicking on our Dual Credit FAQ's link.


Steps to Enroll

Early Admission Contract

TSI Test Registration


Spring Registration Dates:                                                          October 29, 2014-January 13, 2015
Dual Credit Spring 2015 Application & Testing Deadline:      November 24, 2014
Spring Payment Deadline:                                                           January 13, 2014

The ACC Dual Credit Advisor on your high school campus will register you for any college courses taken at your high school. If you would like to take classes at a campus other than your high school (ACC, On-line, etc.), see your ACC Dual Credit Advisor early. Remember, college classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Courses taken on any ACC campus other than your high school campus will be charged standard tuition and fees and may require proof of Meningitis Vaccination.
Fee Statements will NOT be mailed. Once registered, students will receive an email with instructions to view their fee statement through their WebACCess account. If you need assistance logging in to WebACCess, contact the ACC IT Help Desk at 281.756.3544.

Payment deadline is January 13th. Payments should be made online at, select the "Make a Payment" tab. Payment plans are available. Federal Aid is not available to Dual Credit Students.

Contact your ACC Dual Credit Advisor directly with any registration questions or email our department at for assistance.

Registration for Spring 2015 will be complete by December 1st for all students that meet the standards and have completed the admission process.


The college cumulative GPA will be calculated at the completion of each semester. Students whose college cumulative GPA is below 2.0, will be suspended from taking additional dual credit classes for one long semester (Fall or Spring); however a student may retake only the course they’ve earned a ‘F’ or ‘D’ in during the semester of suspension . Students can be reinstated the following semester. After completing classes during the reinstated semester, if the semester GPA remains below 2.0, future participation in the Dual Credit program will be prohibited.

Students must earn a C or higher in Foreign Language Classes prior to moving to the next level.


Dual Credit students are limited to 2 dual credit courses per semester. Permission for additional courses will be granted if the student has a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Tips for Success in your dual credit college course:

1. Know your professor's name! It is important to know who your professor is  and how to get in contact with them should you have questions.
2. Show up for class on time and be engaged! Have your pen, pencils, paper and textbooks each day. Participate in class discussions and ask questions.
3. Review your course syllabus. Jot down assignment due dates and test dates on a calendar. Make up work is usually not an option, so don't be late. Turn in all assignments on time and in the format requested (via BlackBoard, email or in person).
4. Learn how to log into BlackBoard and WebACCess. Instructions are available under our "Forms" tab.
5. Check and read your email! Email is the official form of communication. If you're not checking or reading it, you are missing out on valuable information. 
6. Attend tutorials when available or plan to visit with your professor during their office hours for assistance.
7. Keep up with all graded material. You should always know how you are doing in your class. Be sure to write your grades on your syllabus and keep up with your average. Request feedback from your professor when you have questions about a grade or if you haven't received a grade.
8. Do not cheat! Do your own work and properly site the work of others that you use.
9. Study, study, study! Do not wait until the last minute to complete an assignment, prepare a paper, or study for an exam. Time management is necessary for success.
10. Believe that you can succeed, implement successful behavior, and you will succeed!

Important Dates:

August 19-fall payment deadline
September 10-Census date (no schedule changes on or after this date)
October 29-Jan.13-Spring 2015 registration
November 17-fall withdrawal deadline: students must withdraw with their ACC Dual Credit Advisor and the high school. A 'W' will appear on the ACC trancscript.
December 11-18-dual credit final exams
December 19-final semester grades should be available for review in WebACCess 
January 13-spring payment deadline

Don't just take our word for it!

Read how Dual Credit helped 2011 Dawson High School Graduate,

  Haley Peck


"I know you usually don't hear too much about the success of your past students, but I wanted to pass on some information to you regarding Haley. Since she graduated in 2011, she has worked really hard at Baylor and will be graduating this May, in 3 years, on the Dean's list. She was able to do this by capitalizing on the college credits she earned her Junior and Senior year at Dawson. It allowed her to enter into college with a semester already behind her, and not to mention, saved us half a year of tuition! Years ago, I was hesitant about her taking Dual Credit courses while in high school because I thought that they would be too much with her other class load. I am so glad now that she did. She has really benefited from the credits and it is truly a money saver on University tuition." - Sandra Peck

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