Online Readiness Course

Online Readiness Course (ORNT) — Increasing Student Success in Online Learning

What is the Online Readiness Course (ORNT 0100)?

The focus of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for ACC is to increase student success in the area of online learning. In order to increase student success in the online learning environment all students taking an online class will be required to take the Online Readiness Course (ORNT 0100).

Students who are registering for an online section of any course (beginning spring 2013) will need to register for ORNT 0100 prior to registering for the online course. You may proceed with the registration of your online course sections once you have registered for ORNT 0100.

This is a no cost self-paced course that should be successfully completed by the 7th class day. This course has been designed to break down the technological barriers and other issues that prevent student success in the online learning environment. Students will only be required to take this course one time.

ACC is committed to our students and increasing their academic success in the learning environment.

Who Should Complete the Online Readiness Course?

All students enrolled in a fully online course are required to successfully complete the Online Readiness Course (ORNT 0100) prior to the end of the semester they are registered.

How Does the Online Readiness Course Work?

You will be able to access the Online Readiness Course in Blackboard on the first class day in the term you are registered. You will review the course content, which will prepare you for the short assessment at the end of course. Once you successfully score an 80% or higher on the final assessment you will have completed this course.

Do I Have to Take the Online Readiness Course Every Semester?

No. Students who have successfully completed the course once will not be required to take it again.


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