Full Time Administrative/Professional Forms

All employees should have an employment application and/or resume on file. Teaching staff are to provide official transcripts and/or copies of licenses or certificates related to their teaching discipline.

Contact the Human Resources Department for current forms and information.

Required Forms Adobe PDF

  • Acknowledgment: College Policies & Procedures
  • Background Check Authorization
  • Computer & Technology Use Acknowledgement Form
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employment Eligibility Verification - Form I-9
  • Notice of Eligibility for ORP (Grade 4 or Higher)
  • Personal Data
  • Retirement Eligibility
  • Social Security Provisions: SSA-1945 Form
  • W-4 Form

Optional Forms Adobe PDF

  • ACC TRS Enrollment Form
  • Election to Participate in ORP (TRS 28) (Grade 4 or Higher)
  • Salary Reduction Agreement (ORP/TDA)