Human Resources

It is the mission of the Human Resources Department to provide leadership in the human resource development of Alvin Community College, to provide services to employees connected with their staff benefits, and to provide employee relations services.

In association with the employment/recruitment responsibilities, the Human Resources Department provides accurate payroll calculations, wage/salary data entry for regular full and part time staff, and maintains and distributes employment contracts for full time faculty, administrative and professional staff.

It is also the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to ensure the integrity of the College s Classification and Compensation program, as well as, the official personnel files of all Administrative/Professional, Faculty and TSCM staff.

Human Resources is charged with the responsibility of developing programs to assist all employees with professional Development needs, and provides services and follow-up services to ensure that all employees are receiving the full extent of their staff benefits.

Our Current Job Openings

Alvin Community College is an equal opportunity employer. The Human Resources Department provides employment services to both external and internal job applicants. Internal employment services are extended to Department/Division Chairs, Deans, and Supervisors. Both internal and external aspects include the responsibility for assuring the recruitment and retention of qualified individuals without regard to sex, age, race, religion, national origin, or disability status. The same assurance is extended to up-grades, promotions, demotions/transfers, terminations, rates of pay and selection for training.

Alvin Community College maintains an automated applicant tracking system. Applicants may view any active postings and submit their application online.

An active applicant pool is maintained for individuals interested in teaching part time. Department and Division Chairs will have access to all applications submitted through the online system.