Retirement Benefits

Benefits Eligible Employees - Full & Part Time

The College participates in the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in TRS.

In addition, faculty members and administrative/professional staff (grade 4 or above) are eligible for the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). Employees may choose between the two plans, but cannot participate in both plans. If employees have ever been in ORP, they are not eligible for TRS.

The College contributes 6.5% of employee's gross salary, and an additional 6% is paid from the employee's salary for a total retirement contribution of 12.5%. These amounts are established by the Board of Regents.

Non-Benefits Eligible Employees

Alvin Community College provides the Part Time Retirement Plan for part time employees who are not benefits-eligible. All part-time employees who are not benefits eligible, are required to participate in this 401(a) retirement plan. The exceptions include students, TRS and ORP retirees, and part time employees who are currently making active contributions to TRS with their full time employer.

The College contributes 1.3% of the employee's gross salary, and the employee contributes 6.2% for a total contribution of 7.5%. Contributions are tax-deferred.

Social Security

Alvin Community College does not participate in Social Security; however, the Medicare Tax portion of Social Security benefits is a mandatory payroll deduction in accordance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985.

Social Security Online

Overview of Retirement Programs


TRS - Teachers Retirement System

Under Texas law, certain designated employees of the College are required to participate in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) as a condition of employment. Employees who work at least 20 hours per week for a period of time not less than 42 months (or one semester), and who are not eligible for the Optional Retirement Program (ORP), must participate in the TRS program.

TRS is a defined benefit plan, with retirement benefits determined by a pre-established formula. The TRS is a trust fund that was established in the Texas Constitution in 1936. The mission of the Teachers Retirement System is to deliver retirement and related benefits authorized by law for members and their beneficiaries; and to prudently invest and manage the assets held in trust for members and beneficiaries in an actuarially sound system administered in accordance with applicable fiduciary principles.

Teachers Retirement System of Texas

ORP - Optional Retirement Program

Eligible public education employees in Texas who work half time or more at a rate comparable to the rate of compensation for other employees in similar positions are automatically enrolled in TRS when first hired. However, some higher education employees in certain positions designated by law may choose to participate in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) in place of TRS. This selection must be made within 90 days of becoming eligible to participate. The ORP is administered by the governing board of each individual institution of higher education. Additional ORP information may be found on the TRS web site.

ERS - Employees Retirement System

The basic health benefits package for Alvin Community College is administered by the State of Texas Uniform Group Insurance Program (UGIP) and the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS). Benefits eligibility is authorized by the Human Resources Office at the time of employment, or when qualifying events occur. Employees must be eligible for and enrolled in health coverage to be eligible for other optional insurance benefits offered by the ERS. For more detailed information regarding benefits available through the ERS, visit the ERS website.

Employees Retirement System of Texas