Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration & Management

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at Alvin Community College offers a comprehensive education aimed at producing ethical business leaders and managers. With a curriculum designed to foster innovative ideas, creativity, and leadership skills, this program prepares graduates to identify opportunities and solve organizational problems effectively. 

By integrating a general education core with specialized coursework, the degree emphasizes cultural competence, critical thinking, and a range of competencies including financial management, human resources, project management, and strategic planning. 

Tailored for those aiming to enhance their career opportunities, this program leverages the benefits of both general education and technical courses, providing a broad foundation for success in diverse business environments regardless of previous areas of study.

Pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Department of Education. Not eligible for Financial Aid until all approvals are complete. 

Use of Veteran benefits for this program is subject to VA approval. Eligibility for benefits will commence once official approval is granted.

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Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor's in Business Administration and Management program are well-equipped for a variety of career paths in the business world. With a strong foundation in ethical leadership, critical thinking, and practical business skills, students are prepared to enter roles such as business manager, project manager, operations manager, human resources specialist, and financial analyst. 

The program's comprehensive approach not only prepares graduates for advanced studies, including MBA programs, but also enhances their education and career prospects. It opens up greater opportunities in upper management roles and specialized areas within the business sector, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to advance their career paths.

Career Data

Administrative Manager
2022 Median Pay - $101,870 per year
2022-2032 Projected Growth – 5%
2022-2032 Job Openings – 19,900

Why ACC?

Choosing Alvin Community College for your Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management offers unparalleled advantages. Our program stands out for its cost-effectiveness, allowing students to earn a four-year degree at the expense typically associated with a two-year program. This significant cost saving does not compromise the quality of education; ACC's tuition rates are notably lower than those of traditional universities, making higher education more accessible to everyone. 

The flexibility of online classes and 8-week terms caters to the needs of both traditional students and working professionals seeking to advance their careers without pausing their personal commitments. Additionally, the curriculum's practical focus, incorporating simulation technology, virtual reality, case studies, and AI, ensures that graduates are ready to tackle immediate career challenges while learning from instructors with real world experience. 

With scholarship opportunities further easing financial barriers, ACC is the top choice for those pursuing a career in business administration and management.

Curriculum Guide

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree (B.A.S.) in Business Administration & Management

Purpose: The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management offers a comprehensive, innovative approach designed to equip students with the essential business and management skills needed for professional success in a variety of leadership positions, including Business Analyst, Project Manager, Healthcare Manager, Operations Manager, and Entrepreneurship. This approach places a strong emphasis on the balanced development of both “soft” (interpersonal and leadership) and “hard” (technical and analytical) skills. Distinguishing itself from traditional, writing-heavy programs, our curriculum is tailored to prepare students for the practical challenges they will encounter in the business world. This preparation is achieved not only through case studies but also by incorporating a wide array of innovative technologies to simulate real-world scenarios. Students will engage with virtual reality environments, computer simulations, and service-learning projects, all designed to offer hands-on experience in a variety of business contexts. These methodologies emphasize the production of professional deliverables akin to those encountered in the business environment, including business plans, marketing strategies, financial analyses, project management documents, and executive summaries.

Courses in the program leverage advanced collaborative platforms for team meetings, presentations, and live interactions with industry leaders. To ensure a deep and immersive learning experience, we utilize an 8-week term format for our 3000 and 4000 level courses, as opposed to the traditional 16-week semester. This accelerated approach allows students to concentrate more fully on a limited number of subjects at a time, thereby enhancing their engagement and understanding of the material. To assist students in effectively managing their time, the program features a standardized course structure that balances individual efforts with team collaboration. The program is designed to welcome students from a wide range of professional backgrounds and academic disciplines, making it especially appealing to traditional, non-traditional, and working adults who are looking to advance or change their career paths in business management.

Requirements: These curricula include general education courses and general elective courses usually required in the junior and senior years of equivalent baccalaureate programs. When planning to enter this program and selecting electives, the student should clearly understand and adhere to the requirements of the general education courses and electives offered at the college which would better serve the student’s career path.

Admissions Requirements

  1. Completed an Associate of Science (AS), an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum 2.0 grade point average.
  2. Completion of the college application via

Pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Department of Education. Not eligible for Financial Aid until all approvals are complete. 

Use of Veteran benefits for this program is subject to VA approval. Eligibility for benefits will commence once official approval is granted.


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