STRIVE Program

Vocational Training

Skilled Training Rewarding Independence and Vocational Education (STRIVE)

The STRIVE Program provides adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities post-secondary instruction to facilitate joining the workforce or furthering their education.  By exploring each student’s individual strengths and interests, we provide educational enrichment and pre-employment training skills designed to increase student’s independence and lead to employment.

While enrolled in the STRIVE Program, students engage in both on and off-campus learning experiences. In addition to classroom curriculum, the STRIVE Program participates with other departments in hands-on training and co-op experiences to develop skills that will assist students in gaining employment.  In addition, students have the support of a job coach through the application, interview and job training process.  

  • Complete and submit the program Admission Application
  • Interview with program coordinator
  • At least 3rd grade reading level and/or compensatory comprehension skills
  • Basic math understanding and ability to use a calculator
  • Ability to function independently for a period of time
  • Can follow directions, accepts authority; no severe behavior or emotional problems
  • Can handle and adapt to change; not overly stressed
  • Ability to be successful in competitive employment situations
  • Desire and motivation to complete a post-secondary program
  • Minimum 18 years of age at the start of the program
  • Must have work and/or volunteer experience
  • Must have access to dependable transportation

A cost of $5,800, plus fees.


STRIVE Program Overview

Communication Skills for the Workplace (CECOMG 1003): This course addresses essential listening, speaking, reading, writing and computational skills.

Career Exploration and Planning (CEPOFT 1000): An Introductory course in career exploration, educational planning, and job searching.

Basic Safety and Health (CEOSHT 1000): This course identifies common hazards and corrective actions in the workplace; and incorporates job safety analysis and appropriate training.

Professional Workforce Prep (CEPOFT 1013): This course is designed to prepare students for career success including ethics, interpersonal relations, professional attire and hire ability.

Intro to Customer Service (CEBUSG 1005): This course introduces students to the process of providing customer service to a diverse customer base.  Upon completion, the student should be able to describe the different types of customers; identify customer needs; and determine strategies to provide quality customer service. 

Occupational Math (CETECM 1013): The students will be introduced to math skills applicable to business and industry for successful on-the-job performance.

Intro to Business Ethics (CECOMG1040): Students will practice their strategies of business practices in workplace experiences.

Enhancing Workplace Communication (CECOMG 1004): Focuses on the principles of communication to facilitate sending and receiving various forms of written and spoken communication in the workplace.


Summer Enrichment Courses

Healthy Cooking - Learn how to make healthy meals with safety and independence in mind.  Students will earn their TX Food Handlers Certificates, practice culinary safety, and learn ways to make meals that are fresh, and good for you.  Students learn to make healthy choices that can be independently budgeted and prepared.

Gaming Club - Let's play! Learn to play board and card games that do not require the internet or screen time.  This is a great class to practice social skills, communication skills and learn games that are engaging and fun.

STEAM - Science Technology Engineering Art and Math:  A hands-on exploration of scientific concepts.  This class conducts experiments, build robots, learns basic programming and encourages creativity.  

Job Search 1&2 - This course is designed for STRIVE alumni who are actively looking for a paid employment. We will help with the application process and be as available as possible for the interview and training process as well.

DIY Home Décor - Create beautiful pieces of art and design that can be displayed in your home.  From taking and framing photos, to basic wreath making and other fun creations.  

Strength & Fitness - Let’s get our hearts pumping with a variety of fun and interactive workouts. Learn strength and conditioning techniques to keep your energy level high and your stress level low.

To enroll in these courses:

  •  Visit Instant Enrollment
  •  Select "STRIVE Students Only" under "Topic Code." 
  •  Find course of choice (listed by Course Name below)
  •  Complete purchase as prompted
Course Course Name Dates Meeting Days/Times Cost
Healthy Cooking CESTRV COOK 01 5/20/24 - 6/17/24 MW 1 PM - 3 PM $200
Gaming Club CESTRV GAME 01 5/21/24 - 7/9/24 T 1 PM - 3 PM $200
STEAM CESTRV STEM 01 5/21/24 - 7/9/24 T 10 AM - 12 PM $200
Job Search Session 1 CESTRV JOB 01 5/20/24 - 6/17/24 MW 10 AM - 12 PM $200
Job Search Session 2 CESTRV JOB 02 6/24/24 - 7/22/24 MW 10 AM - 12 PM $200
DIY Home Decor CESTRV HOME 01 6/6/24 - 8/1/24 Th 10 AM - 12 PM $200
Strength & Fitness CESTRV FIT 01 6/6/24 - 8/1/24 Th 1 PM - 2 PM $100