STRIVE Program

Vocational Training

STRIVE — Skilled Training Rewarding Independence and Vocational Education


The STRIVE Program was created to provide adults with intellectual disabilities post-secondary instruction to facilitate joining the workforce or furthering their education.  For students seeking a two-year experience, additional training opportunities are available.   

While enrolled in the STRIVE Program, students engage in both on and off-campus learning experiences outside of the classroom. The STRIVE Program manages the campus Blessing Box program, a service that provides the community with food assistance and hygiene resources. Students also engage with other departments to learn hands-on skills that will assist them in gaining employment.  

  • Complete and submit the program Admission Application
  • Interview with program
  • At least 3rd grade reading level and/or compensatory comprehension skills
  • Basic math understanding and ability to use a calculator
  • Ability to function independently for a period of time
  • Can follow directions, accepts authority; no severe behavior or emotional problems
  • Can handle and adapt to change; not overly stressed
  • Ability to be successful in competitive employment situations
  • Desire and motivation to complete a post-secondary program
  • Minimum 18 years of age at the start of the program
  • Must have work and/or volunteer experience
  • Must have access to dependable transportation

The approximate tuition for the STRIVE program is $5,525.00, and $306.24 in fees.   


STRIVE Program Overview

Communication Skills for the Workplace (CECOMG 1003): This course addresses essential listening, speaking, reading, writing and computational skills.

Career Exploration and Planning (CEPOFT 1000): An Introductory course in career exploration, educational planning, and job searching.

Occupational Math (CETECM 1013):  The student will be introduced to math skills applicable to business and industry for successful on-the-job performance.


Intro to Customer Service (CEBUSG 1005):  This course introduces students to the process of providing customer service to a diverse customer base.  Upon completion, the student should be able to describe the different types of customers; identify customer needs; and determine strategies to provide quality customer service. 

Occupational Safety and Health (CEOSHT 1000): Students will learn to recognize common occupational hazards and describe the components of effective workplace design and accident prevention programs.

Enhancing Workplace Communication (CECOMG 1004): Focuses on the principles of communication to facilitate sending and receiving various forms of written and spoken communication in the workplace.



Other STRIVE Courses

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math is a dynamic course designed for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities to learn basic programming skills, robot, building, digital game creation and various scientific experiments, while incorporating art and design elements.  

Course Code Number Dates Time(s) Days Location
CEITSC 1091 01 6/7/2023 - 8/9/2023 1:00PM - 3:00PM W H124

To register, please go to Instant Enrollment and select "STRIVE Students Only"  under Topic Code.

This class is designed for students with or developmental disabilities interested in learning and developing healthy living skills by learning to independently prepare healthy meals.  Students will also work towards obtaining their Texas Food Handler certificate.  

Course Code Number Dates Time(s) Days Location
CECHLT 1005 01 7/18/2023 - 8/10/2023 1:00PM - 3:00PM TTh H124

To register, please go to Instant Enrollment and select "Strive Students Only" under Topic Code.