Board of Regents

Alvin Community College has nine members on the Board of Regents. Each member is elected to a six year term, and all members serve at-large.

ACC precident and board members 2022

Top row; left to right: Jake Starkey, Darren Shelton, Jim Crumm, Yvette Reyes-Hall, Michael Hoover, Kam Marvel; seated left to right: Robert Exley (ACC President), 'Bel Sanchez, Jody Droege, Patty Hertenberger

The current members are:

Sanchez, 'Bel - Chairman
Droege, Jody - Vice Chair
Hertenberger, Patty - Secretary
Hoover, Michael
Crumm, Jim 
Marvel, Kam
Reyes-Hall, Yvette
Shelton, Darren  
Starkey, Jake  

For more information about the Board of Regents, visit the Board Member Profiles page.