Core Values

ACC Cares


Alvin Community College has adopted the following Core Value statements in addition to the Mission and Vision statements. 


Community Asset

Alvin Community College is a strong community asset.

  • We are the primary resource for lifelong learning opportunities in our community.
  • We are committed to effective collaborations with our community partners.


Alvin Community College is accountable to all its stakeholders.

  • We commit to fiscal transparency and responsible stewardship of resources.
  • We provide innovative quality education as an affordable and worthwhile investment for our community and students.


Alvin Community College is responsive to the needs of students and the region.

  • We support all students and staff as individuals; we are responsive, caring, inclusive, and welcoming; we value all members of the ACC family.
  • We are a growing community that offers flexibility and innovation, responding to a wide array of community and workforce needs, all in a friendly atmosphere.


Alvin Community College strives for educational excellence in programs and services.

  • We achieve educational excellence by offering diverse curricula, opportunities in workforce education, and a quality student experience.
  • We provide a variety of innovative career pathways through programs and services to meet the unique needs of our community, lifelong learners and the future workforce in an ever-changing global economy.


Alvin Community College prides itself on being student-centered.

  • Our quality faculty and staff put students first.
  • We are success-oriented, providing a supportive environment that guides students to reach their full potential.