Campus Communications

Campus Communications

Alvin Community College informs, updates, and communicates with students and employees using varying methods depending on the nature of the communication.


Emergency NotificationsEmergency Notifications

The RAVE Alert mass notification system is used to notify ACC students and employees in the event of inclement weather, campus emergencies, and campus closures. Notifications are delivered via text, email, and phone calls to the students' or employees' preferred phone number and campus email address. Emergency notifications will also be published on the ACC website and social media.


Informational NotificationsInformational Notifications

ACC may communicate informational notifications to students and employees via texts, email, and/or direct phone calls. These informational notifications include, but are not limited to, student activities, events, payment deadlines, financial aid information and student assistance offerings. While you are given the option to "opt-out" of these messages, your active participation is strongly encouraged.


Events and AnnouncementsEvents and Announcements

Events and announcements of interest to the community are posted on the college's social media pages. Targeted notifications for students, faculty, and staff will be posted on the college's Intranet portal, The POD.


Student EmailStudent Email

The Alvin Community College-assigned email address is the approved method of electronic communication for official correspondence between ACC faculty, staff, and students. ACC email can be checked on The POD, in Office 365, and may be configured on your personal or college-assigned device.



Alvin Community College's centralized digital gateway, The POD, is home to vital information, key dates, as well as links to coursework and important websites. The POD connects current students, faculty, and staff to ACC!


FAQFrequently Asked Questions

How do I update or change my name or address?

  • Students -Visit the Admissions Desk in A100 or visit The POD's Records and Registration page for more information.
  • Employees - Visit with Human Resources to update this information.

How do I remove myself from SMS (text) informational notifications?

  • Please reconsider. Informational texts include important registration and payment deadline updates.
  • You may either reply to the opt out message that accompanies the text message, or contact the IT Services Department, 281-756-3544,