Campus Technology

Office 365

Alvin Community College is excited to offer Microsoft Office 365 to all current students, faculty, and staff. These applications and an ACC email address are provided to all current students at NO cost! Throughout enrollment at ACC, you will retain access to all Microsoft Office 365 applications and your student email address. This will give you access to Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Work, OneNote, and PowerPoint, enabling you to easily present, communicate, and collaborate.

Benefits include:

  • 50GB Outlook Email account, including calendar and contacts
  • 1 Terabyte of storage with OneDrive
  • Online access to email and Office 365 applications
  • 5 FREE copies of Microsoft Office to download and install across your devices

In addition, these services are:

  • Mobile friendly, and easy to set up on your Android or Apple mobile device. 
  • Provided at NO Cost to ACC students.
  • Always with you, across all devices!

New to Office 365?

Not familiar with what Office 365 can do? Browse through the links below and become an expert in no time! Even the experts will find something useful and new!

Office 365 Training Center  Office 365 Quick Start Guide  Office 365 Welcome Video  Office 365 Basics

Install a Copy on Your PC or Mac

While Office 365 is always available online across all devices, as an ACC student, faculty or staff member, you are eligible to install 5 FREE copies on your PC or Mac.

Apple Email Setup  Android Email Setup

How to install Office 365 on your personal device

Email Setup on Your Mobile Device

Access to your ACC Office 365 email account is available on your mobile device, and is quick and easy to set up!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Office 365 is a suite of online applications providing email, calendaring, contact management, instant messaging, cloud storage, and Office online (online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote). It is important to note that while the Office web apps are feature rich, they are not the same as the full version of Office 2016.

Students: Your email address is "", and is also your user account id for Office 365. You may obtain your ACCess ID by visiting The POD's login page and choosing "New Accounts START HERE", and then following the steps for your ACCess ID setup.

Faculty and Staff: Your email address is "", and is also your user account id for Office 365.

Visit Microsoft and follow the directions.

You can click on the link at the top of The POD's homepage, or go directly to the Microsoft website at

Office 365 online only requires a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and modern web browser. System requirements for a home installation may be found on Microsoft's System Requirements page

Your ACC-sponsored Office 365 subscription ends a year after you graduate or leave ACC. You may enroll into consumer or commercial subscriptions of Office 365. 

Unfortunately, no. The version of Office you purchased is a consumer offering and students can continue to take advantage of the purchased offer. 

Visit Microsoft's installation page and follow the directions (Use Office for Business instructions).