Polysomnography (Sleep Medicine) - A.A.S. Degree

Policy for Criminal Background Screening

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Comply with clinical affiliates who may require a student background check as a condition of their contract
  • Promote and protect patient/client safety

Conduct of Criminal Background Check
Background checks will be conducted as a condition of full acceptance into Polysomnography program. The results will be accepted for the duration of the student’s enrollment in the Polysomnography program if the participating student has not had a break in enrollment at the college and if the student has had no disqualifying allegations or convictions while enrolled. Alvin Community College will designate the agency selected to do the criminal background screening. Results of the background check will be sent directly to the program director at the college. The student will pay the cost of the background directly to the agency. The student will sign a form indicating knowledge of this policy and their belief that they do not have any criminal history that would disqualify them from clinical rotations.

Unsatisfactory Results
A student with a significant criminal background screen will be ineligible to enroll in the Polysomnography program. All criminal background information will be kept in confidential files by the investigating agency.  Only the program director will have access to these files. A student who is convicted of a criminal offense while enrolled in the program must report the offense to the program director within three days of the conviction.

Student Rights
Students sign a release form that gives the program director the right to receive their criminal background information from the agency. If the student believes his or her background information is incorrect, the student is responsible for providing the evidence of the inaccuracy of the information to the investigating agency. The student will not be able to enroll in the Polysomnography program until the question is resolved. The inability to participate in a clinical experience could prevent a student from meeting course objectives and result in failure of the course.

Background Check Information for BRPT
Students, upon graduation, will be qualified to make application to the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT). The BRPT application includes background history check and may deny an application based on the commission of certain serious offenses. Please visit the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologistswebsite to check eligibility criteria.

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